~Tepuk tampar dipagi hari~

welcome to my other side of world...
world where i'm free to express my feeling...

Life Events

Civil Procedure Hearing & Farewell Party 

fuhh such a relieved!
my hearing finish already...
i do win the case but sadly my mark a bit low..
it's okey u did ur best rite so kenchana...
then yesterday Sir Mizan (our lecturer) organize a farewell party to civil procedure 1!
so sweet rite hu3..
here some pic to share...

Mock Hearing!!

okey 4th year stress is in d air...
everything must be sent at the same time..
tired..restless...stress.. everything!
last 2weeks my beloved Sir Mizan (Civil procedure lecturer) assign us with fake trial!
first week we have to appear in front of the judge (Our sir actually acting as judge) but trust me the fear was still the same..
we have to file application for third party proceeding...
thank god everything went well...
but my partner emm not really my ideal partner hu3... 
then our second fake trial was an application to enter judgement in default..
but this time my "beloved Partner" turn to show his ability..
but still his speech made by me...=(
redha jelah....
but everything still went well...

me and baiduri...nervous!!!

fai and bai waiting for their turn...


Court Observation

okey eventhough i'm currently in vacation mood (mid break!!!!) but i have a ton of homework 
to be submit rite after this one week vacation..
one of the homework was to do court obsevation..
What's that???
court observation is when we go to court and listen to hearing..
the purpose of this assignment is actually to expose student with proceeding in court...
after the observation ends we have to obtain a sign from the judge..
thank god everything went well..
thank you to all staff in High Court of Muar...
Special thanks to Yang Arif coz willingly to spend time advising us...
thanks to Dada cause give me aride..
thanks to wawa coz willing to accompany us..
last but not least thanks to abah and mak cause give me some money to spend hu3...

 our destination High Court Muar....

Dada waiting at her car...

Wawa waving to us hu3...



My Bro Farewell

Wish u all the best Ezzy Safwan Bin Haron..
may your journey make u a bettter erson..
study smart my bro!
our future chef!


The Day I Burst My Tears

okey... it was not like a big event in my life or what bit still it was a lil bit  painful to bear..
my last entry was in regards to my bro farewell rite..
last week he called me and asked me to sent him to BTS because he still did not know how to go there..
so i came from gombak to kelana jaya.. take a one hour train to reach there..
when i reach the destination my bro tell me then he wanted to quit..
his word still lingering in my mind..
akak aku rasa aku bodoh ar xleh nak sambung belajar..
i'm speechless..
i kept quiet..
i hold my tears..
when he board the bus
i burst into tears..
i cannot hold anymore
i'm sory m bro for everything...