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Friday, 20 April 2012

man decides to change in the 12th hours but dies on the 11th

I'm always thinking when i should change?
when i made up my mind.. there must be something occur..
then i started to forget my determination..
then i thought to myself..
"hey life is still young babe..chill out...you got an ample time in front you"
is it true???
do we actually have a lot of time...
do you ever think that when you decide to change in the future but then you died before that..
you do not even have time to repent and ask forgiveness from Allah S.W.T and with others...
we can never predict the future..
times would never wait for us...
i really hoped my changes would last...
i'm not saying that i'm totally changed
but still i'm trying 
so let's all change for the better..
we never know what would happen in the future rite..
i wish all the best to me and to all of you..
lets change in the 11th hours and don't wait to change at the 12th hours...

Adakah Kebanyakan Student Law mengalami Stress yang Berlebihan..

entah lah saya susah nak komen..
tetapi sekarang nie saya memang didalam keadaan yang stress...
Everything not going in a way i want it to be..
this week was a horrible..
how many my cute mouth swearing pun i already lost count..
too many thing to be done and due at the same time..
my tears keep pouring when i'm tired..
i miss my abah and my mak!!!!
wanting to go back home sooo badly...
please Allah give me strength so that i can go on..
passion is all you have now so be patient and Insyaallah your effort would be
worth it....